Welcome and Happy New Year 2016!

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We would like to welcome you on this website. Let us size this opportunity to extend to you our compliments for the new year 2016. “lecongolais.net” is a platform for exchange of news and analysis as well as for vibrant engagement with socio-political realities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and on the African continent. We adopt a critical stance towards socio-political developments. We shall make efforts to explore local, national and global dimensions of socio-political phenomena while paying special attention on how they affect people in their day to day battles for prosperity and freedom. Our aim is to contribute to public debate and empower ourselves and our fellow citizens in promoting open society, rule of law, accountable government and development. We count on your support as we embark on this long and challenging journey. Keep coming back to this site. Thanks

Dr Mazembo Mavungu Eddy | mazemb_eddy@yahoo.fr | @mazembo

Mazembo Mavungu Eddy

Docteur en Sciences Politiques de l’Université de Witwatersrand, Afrique du Sud

Fondateur de Lecongolais.net (News, Analysis, Research and Publishing) et de Diela Information Systems (Web Solutions)

Co-Fondateur et Ancien Directeur Exécutif du Forum des Organisations Congolaises en Afrique du Sud (FOCAS)

Co-Fondateur et Membre du comité exécutif de Congo Renaissance (ONG)

Auteur des plusieurs publications scientifiques. Les plus récentes sur la politique au Congo sont :

Politique et Territoire en République Démocratique du Congo: Une Analyse du processus de l’installation des nouvelles provinces (paru dans Congo-Afrique)

Stay in Power Whatever it takes: Fraud and Repression during the 2011 elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Paru dans African Journal of Elections)

Contacts: mazemb_eddy@yahoo.fr  @mazembo (twitter) @lecongolaisNet